The Archives of Casa Dell’Amore preserve and make a number of documentary heritage available for consultation, mainly concerning files and documents about local happenings and Music.
Some files are about contemporary Art and local History.

The documentary heritage, from XVI Century till now, available for consultation, has been collected by the musicologist Franco Dell’Amore, author of many Books.
This documentary heritage is independent from any public institutions and in complete political and cultural autonomy.
The idea of the documentary heritage came from the awareness that many public libreries do not keep a certain kind of papers and auditory documents, because of scruples or indifference.
The philosophy that has inspired us is that the commons collaborative theorized by economist Jeremy Rifkin, in other words the transition from the expensive possess to free access.
The cataloguing of this documentary heritage is still in progress and costantly growing. It includes music sheets, books, records, photographs, posters, flyers, concert programs, etc..

You can consult the Network Catalogs which include many documents but not all, being them only partially catalogued.

The whole documentary heritage is available for consultation on site, under Reservation.
The archives’ venue is in a very antique building, but not a noble one: it is proudly popular and has recently been fully restored.
Every feedback is valuable for us. We would very grateful if you took time to share your suggestions or observations about CASA DELL’AMORE.

Casa dell'Amore